How I'm assembling a multicam clips in Final Cut Pro X.

To work with multicamera it is very important the created date of the file & sound. In the past was needed more a timecode, but no it dosen't necessary. That's how come files - two cameras Sony (Cam-01, Cam-02), one camera Mark & sound. The structure of the files stored from all memory cards. It's very important for FCPX to got all metadatas correctly. (For example, for a long interview camera creates several files *.mts, but all these files, that recorded in one movie double, are appearing as a single).

Very important, if stored a file structure, that created by the camera, then the name of the main folder, when your are importing, passes in the name of the metadata's camera. That's why the folder names shouldn't be repeated. (Often the camera I named cameras using an operator's name, also it helps to know who takes as).

After importing, I'm checking the date for all devices was set correctly. Ordering by creation date. You can see on the picture that the sound & the first camera have no dates problems. But for the one camera someone forgot to reset the clock for one day.

It's very simple to change. (It doesn't matter if it day, year or a few minutes. Very important to have an any date & the recording interval from file to file has been saved. To save a right date - this is one more reason not to spoil the structure of files from the camera). Select all the files from the second camera. Menu - modify - adjust data and time - add a day to the date of the file creation.

Now all dates are correct & in the right oder. Sound and everything below it - it's the first multiclip, etc.

However, the field - name from the sound's camera was empty. We have to change it. Because FCPX during the assembling of multi-camera angles lays using the name of the camera. The name of sound's camera usually I call – «Z». Using searching I'm changing camera's name for each sound's channel, for they fell into different roads. At first, choose the first channel.

Changing the name in inspector.

The same for the second & third channels.

I don't like to create a one large piece. The right metadates helps us easily know which clips should be get in one multiclip. The sound & everything that have been written within the timing of the sound, falls into one multiclip. Putting on doubles, call each of them based on what inside & not only me able to understand it.

I usually do everything automatically, but if you like to control the process you can use a settings.

Multicamera synchronized by the sound very quickly.

Due to the fact that I renamed the name of the sound's camera, it automatically fall onto the lower track. If the name of the sound was empty, he would have fallen on the first track and had to fold down by the handle.

If there nonsinhron, it can be corrected using - Sync selection to monitoring Angle, that means to synchronize to a Monitoring corner (it is the angle that marked by monitor).

When everything is ready, I mark a used files in the browser as unnecessary. The mark that they used is displayed, if the editor of angels is open.

Do this for each double. When all files are processed, creating a smart collection of multiclips.

After that, in the inspector choosing a sound from loops. You can choose a few chanels.

And the active camera

That's all, multicam clip creation has been finished and ready to edit.