Remove one clip filter from Final Cut Pro X project.

If you need to remove one specific filter from all clips in project, do this:

Export fcpxml project file, open this file in TextEdit program, find and replace(CMD+F) all tags filter-video with name=“filter name”

For example:
If you need to remove Black & White filter, open fcpxml in text edit.

Find tag with parameter name="Black & White" he looks like this:

<filter-video ref="r3" name="Black &amp; White”/>

Copy that to search string, check replace, and press all.

Done. Filter Black & White now removed. Save and import fcpxml back to Final Cut Pro X.

If you changed filter settings, tags look like that:

<filter-video ref="r3" name="Black &amp; White"> <param name="Amount" key="9999/987154120/100/987154121/2/100" value="0.1659"/> </filter-video>

So, you can do this for filter-audio too.