Mixing and sound processing in Final Cut Pro X.

We have situation like this: you are watching a video, especially on the Internet, there is an interview with some man and suddenly bam!, begins a music video that sounds much louder than voice. The viewer forced to do quieter that just do not go deaf. Then again, the music video ends and you hearing the soft whisper of a talking man, and you need to do louder. This does not happen on TV, because each program goes through TV QC. All TV channels in the specifications indicate the level of the sound which in each show should be the same and the audience didn't have to constantly regulate it. Each TV channel have their own demands, but for the Internet is taken to reduce the sound to zero decibels. How to do this will be discussed in this article, with pictures. In general, in FCPX there is a tool that combines all of the major effects for voice processing. But to me it is not always appropriate, because using it is impossible to make individual settings for groups of clips

In this article we are consider the same list, but effects will be different (Let's pass the DeEsser, for details it needs for reduce or eliminate excessive sibilance in the recording of the human voice). This is our example of timeline:

This is a part of film, (conditionally) it has a few types of sound, interviews & an announcer (on the main storyline), music (down) & internoise (up). Very important to set a панарамирование for all clips. In a perfect situation, I do it in the browser before the cut. If this parameter is not set, many of the effects do not work correctly.

At first I'm working with voice, it's means with interviews & an announcer. Using TL index you could choose a clip, for example, with one name or by keys. Mark out all interviews by name.

To not hear to much, I'm turning off all channels except pure voice.(In Inspector).

The first effect is equalizer. It needs for to make a useful frequency louder and extra leaves as is or make quieter. Putting an effect Channel EQ, by double-click once on all selected clips.

Choosing an effect - speaking voice improve.

Here are the settings of that preset.

Very important, if you'll do the settings in this window, they applied only to one clip. If you'll do it in Inspector, they applied to all selected clips.

In this article I limited myself to a preset. It's not the best decision, that's why then you're using the equalizer work to ensure that the voice was pleasing to the ear.

Next on the same clips we are putting the compressor, my settings you can see on the picture:

For details about settings of compressor you can found in this article in Wikipedia:

Read wikipedia

You have to watch this lesson and check your settings by ear.

The compressor reduces the dynamic range of the voice and the voice is heard so clearly. Here you can compare how the wayform is changing if you use a compressor or just increase the volume.

The same effects, but with another settings I apply to the all other clips. In the Tl index selecting the announcer, he talks louder, therefore, the compressor's threshold will be higher:

Than internoise, makes them quieter, so as not to drown the main voice:

One more useful effect is voice or music - it's equalizer, but specially tuned: if you'll put them on the music & Amount turn to the left, frequencies of a human voice, became quieter, freeing up space for the voices of the interview.

And at the end, unite the cut in the compound clip, on which is settings limiter or adaptive limiter, which doesn't let rise the sound level more than the specified value.

I think that this set of effects required minimum for video. Here a wayform before treatment, after & with using an adaptive limiter effect.

You should know: all this effects you can found in Premier, part of them combined in one – dynamics. But in FCPX working with sound realized more clearer and convenient.